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Never miss a chance to help a past client ..BUY OR SELL again!

March 07, 20231 min read

Never miss a chance to help a past client ..BUY OR SELL again!

In real estate, we've all been there - you gave a client exceptional service only to have them go elsewhere to buy or sell years later. It's especially disheartening when it happens! One day you log on the social media and see someone else’s “For Sale” sign in their front yard with a witty note about how excited they are for a “new chapter”.. Ouch!

Unfortunately, this is more common than most of us would like it to be – and usually due the fact that either communication was over the years. We may think clients will remember our stellar efforts for eternity, but life moves on with its many twists and turns. Staying connected can make all the difference between repeat business...or not-so-repeat business 😅 So here’s your reminder: as always communicate often AND stay in touch – they'll thank you (and then list their property) with you later 😉

Here’s a simple 20-touchpoint plan to ensure you never again lose touch (spread out over 12 months)

  • Send 12 email newsletters 📧

  • Send 6 mailed newsletters to their mailbox 📬

  • Send 1 Anniversary card on the date of their purchase or sale 🍾

  • Send 1 CMA per year (6 months apart from the anniversary card) 🏡

Seeing a past client list their property with another broker can be discouraging for any realtor. However, nearly all of these cases could be prevented with a plan and an easy system in place! Use this one and never miss an opportunity to help your database with their next move!

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Jonathan J. Fox

My life’s work is now dedicated to helping the ambitious real estate professional close their own performance gap by implementing battle tested tactics and strategy while also building the life and income they desire.

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