I show ambitious realtors earning under $400,000 how to double their income in 12-18 months while helping implement simple and profitable systems designed to close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be in life and business.


I'm Jonathan Fox

Every year of my life, the health and performance of real estate markets have mattered. My father got his real estate license in 1969 and I grew up with the ups and downs of the business. In 2005 I took the plunge to join the industry, and have since worked in the trenches of helping sellers and buyers at the highest levels possible.

My journey has brought me through multiple red hot and ice-cold markets, all of which taught me lessons on life and business. The real estate space is full of coaches and "experts" who have not sold a home in decades, if ever. I was extremely lucky to have my father - a 50+ year veteran of the industry - to lean on during times of uncertainty. Yet I know this is not the case for the vast majority of motivated 'rising star' professionals engaged with the post-pandemic 21st century marketplace.

My life’s work is now dedicated to helping the ambitious real estate professional close their own performance gap by implementing battle tested tactics and strategy while also building the life and income they desire.

How We Help Ambitious Real Estate Professionals Grow

Gain Visibility in Your Business

You cannot master or leverage what you cannot see. We help you become aware, capable, and powerful in your business. Everything we teach is to empower you to control the outcomes in your business.

Focus on What Works

Working smarter is the cheat code to success. We take your focus to a new level and help you fully engage your time and energy with those aspects of your business that drive results!

Execute With Precession

We remove the guesswork and the "trial by fire" phases to all lead generation, business development, and lifestyle optimization so you can execute at the highest levels. Not to mention we ensure you get lots of time back in your schedule while also keeping your hard earned money with you - where it belongs.

It's My Belief

the industry is going through rapid changes where in the end only 2 types of realtors will emerge. Commoditized broke discounters all racing to the bottom, and the well compensated highly competent 21st century full-service real estate professional.

Which of the players in today (and tomorrow’s) market will become the competent guide able to address the consumer’s fears, doubts, expectations, hopes, logistics, and do it with compassion, expertise, and confidence? The unequivocal answer is the full-service agent properly equipped with the knowledge, ethical standards, and skills capable of easily overcoming the numerous challenges the client will inevitably face throughout their journey of buying and selling. The full – service agent who intelligently runs their business so they can not only service the client at the highest levels possible but also bring a standard of excellence which provides unmatched commitment and assurance to those they help.” That is the winner in today and tomorrow’s real estate market.

We build 21st century real estate professionals looking to be amongst the elite in the industry, unsusceptible to the shifting sands.

There is Another Way...

What if you could grow your income while also feeling fulfilled despite the growing pains? How would your strategic business decisions be different if you kicked uncertainty’s ass? In what ways would your life look different if you earned lots more money while simultaneously operated your business with higher margins and increased profitability? How could your perspective shift if you were a part of a community full of ambitious people, all chasing their goals?

We are the growing group of real estate professionals determined to accomplish what few in the business do, while also living with purpose, freedom, satisfaction, and prosperity. We focus on deliberate outcomes based on 'battle tested' processes that are proven to work.


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