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The #1 Challenge for Realtors in 2023 🤔

August 07, 20232 min read

The #1 Challenge for Realtors in 2023 🤔

I say this out of love, but most of you are not struggling with the market right now. For many, the biggest challenge today is actually a lack of commitment.


Think about it:


❌ Do you need more inventory to wake up earlier and establish a powerful morning routine?

❌ Are better interest rates the key to implementing new lead generation activities?

❌ Do you require less competition before creating systems and structure to help your business?




For so many of you, it’s a simple lack of action that is holding your business back right now! 💯


Like Newton’s 1st law says…An object in motion will stay in motion..just like an object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force.


It’s time to embrace this market, think outside the doom and gloom headlines, and most importantly GET moving again!


Don’t know what exactly that looks like?


Messy…imperfect actions beat sitting around waiting for easier times! So don’t think too hard about “what is precisely the best plan”.


Get started with anything you feel would produce better results❗️


If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few all-time favorite plays to run when I’m feeling stagnant or uncommitted..


✅ Wake up 30 minutes earlier and start my day with 10-15 minutes of gratitude (thinking about a beautiful memory or moment) and wash it down with some inspiring audio. My 2 favorite listens right now are “The Mindset Mentor” podcast and “Motivation Daily” on Spotify. (Bonus: add a cold shower or some exercise. Taking a 15-20 minute walk can be game changing on a tough day)


✅ Add two focus sessions in my week (I put them on the calendar). Ideally these are 2-hour blocks where I turn off my phone, close email, cozy up to a glass of iced coffee while I work exclusively on 1 thing for the entire session. Organizing my CRM and action plans, creating a newsletter for my SOI, or planning my next client appreciation event. Big or small, focus sessions help with them all and move my business foreword!


✅Track meetings / appointments with possible buyers and sellers. Where your attention goes, your strongest energy flows. Deals may be down but tracking the number of meetings and appointments (broken down by week or month) will give you a clear (and most importantly) attainable target to hit each month regardless of closings.


While other realtors (aka the competition) stay stagnant, your commitment to being resourceful and taking NEW bold actions will make a HUGE difference in your success!


Get in motion… stay there until the storm passes. It will.


As always I’m here to help!

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Jonathan J. Fox

My life’s work is now dedicated to helping the ambitious real estate professional close their own performance gap by implementing battle tested tactics and strategy while also building the life and income they desire.

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