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We are the growing group of 21st-century real estate professionals determined to accomplish what few in the industry do, while also living with purpose, freedom, satisfaction, and prosperity.


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Most Ambitious Real Estate Professional's Growth Goals

are born in the big lie perpetuated by mega brokerages and the legacy coaching community that say selling more homes next year will unlock new levels of happiness, prosperity, and freedom. These institutional forces encourage a “growth at all costs” culture of risk, earn,

spend, and claw your way to the top. As someone who chased this idea for 15 years and succeeded at the highest levels, I know this model is fundamentally broken.

True, selling more homes equates to earning more dollars, but doing so comes at a steep cost. It really means greater responsibility, lots more working hours, a nauseating increase of reinvesting your profits, and far less control over your schedule. This often leads to massive increases in stress levels, crippling uncertainty, no work life- balance, and persistent loneliness. Throughout the real estate industry, this ‘growth at all costs’ approach is viewed as the only credible path toward achieving extraordinary levels of success and income.

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